What Does CreatureKind Do?

Current Projects

  • Partnerships for Policy Change: 
    • As an individual: sign the CreatureKind Commitment.
    • As an institution: churches, schools, and other institutions can use the CreatureKind Commitment to reduce the number of animal products they purchase, source animal products from higher-welfare facilities, and commit to ongoing learning and dialogue with CreatureKind on how to put Christian faith into practice in all the ways we treat our fellow animal creatures.
  • Education: 
  • Community-Building: Follow CreatureKind on Facebook and Twitter. We are committed to strengthening the church by affirming the call and meeting the spiritual needs of individuals working in animal protection and providing a community in which they can express their experience, strength, and hope among like-minded Christians.
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CreatureKind …. 

  • INSPIRES Christians to love God and their neighbours—all of them—by attending to the welfare of farmed animals.
  • MEETS Christians where they are for conversations about the treatment of animals who are farmed for human consumption.
  • ENCOURAGES Christians to consider what they—as members of the body of Christ—believe about God’s creatures and how they might move toward living out those beliefs more fully.
  • PROVIDES information, prompts discussion, shares stories, and offers recommendations for flourishing as humans creatures without denying the flourishing of animal creatures.
  • INVITES vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, farmers, fishers, and friends to learn from each other about how to be the church that follows Christ into the reconciliation of all creatures.

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